Choice of 3: Doula, Ka Huna or Pilates

Choice of 3: Doula, Ka Huna or Pilates


This is the perfect gift for any friend or family member as they get to choose between three of the Essential Me main offerings: Doula, Ka Huna massage and Pilates.

  1. 3 hours Postpartum Doula Service: It can be incredibly isolating and lonely as a new mother. It’s tough managing a new baby, new routines, not enough sleep, too many chores and having to find time to look after yourself and your family. Firstly, I’ll keep you company and listen – making a lovely hot cup of tea and giving great hugs! And whether it’s holding your baby while you sleep or shower, folding some laundry, bringing some groceries, cooking a meal, helping with breastfeeding and settling techniques, finding a cleaner or an array of other suggestions, I offer support for you in any way that you need it.

  2. 90 minutes Ka Huna Massage: An amazing 90 minute Ka Huna massage is perfect for all mums and mums-to-be.  This beautiful Hawaiian style of bodywork is deeply relaxing – physically, emotionally and spiritually – using long flowing strokes from head to toe and back again, over and under the body. 

  3. 90 minutes Postnatal Recovery Pilates: A fantastic form of exercise that focuses on the core muscles and pelvic floor.  I will come to your home and observe you performing various regular activities like feeding your baby, unstacking the dishwasher or even putting the pram in your car, and then tailor a specific program just for you with ongoing classes, or simply offer suggestions, tips and tricks on the spot.  Functional exercises are taught that you can apply back into your everyday life to help reduce the risk of injury, increase stability, improve body awareness and posture, strengthen and tone your muscles from top to bottom, and ultimately create lifelong habits through muscle memory. This personalised mobile Pilates service is an amazing way to focus on you and is the perfect gift idea for a new mother. PLUS a free gift (like a teething necklace or toy)

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Postpartum Doula: Suitable for new mothers with babies up to 8 weeks of age.  Mobile service goes to your home within 15km of Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia.
Ka Huna Massage: Suitable during pregnancy.   Massage is in Bondi Junction, Sydney.
Pilates Service: Suitable during pregnancy, or preferably for postnatal recovery.  Mobile service goes to your home within 15km of Bondi, Sydney, NSW, Australia.  Session times do vary and are approximately 60-90 minutes. Pilates Service comes with a FREE gift, such as a teething necklace or toy.

Valid for at least 6 months from the date of purchase.  This voucher expires 30 September 2020.

The names of the giver and receiver must be presented, along with the voucher, for voucher verification at the time of booking.  Bookings essential via phone 0411 607 608 or contact through the website.

You will be given a link to download a PDF, along with an email receipt of your purchase.  The download will be available for 24 hours.  Simply download the PDF (you may need to check your junk mail) and email it to the receiver.  They will then know it was from you (rather than potentially going to spam if I send it). This voucher includes a space for you to print it and write a message too (or can be done on screen in PDF form to forward to your friend).

This is a super gift your special someone will love.