Here are some testimonials from various Doula, Ka Huna and Pilates clients.

 Happy birth Doula clients with their newborn baby
We were initially skeptical about including someone who was not family or part of the hospital’s medical staff as part of the birth, particularly someone we did not know at all. ‘Doula’ was a new concept to us entirely. By chance, we got to know Amanda, and because she was able at the outset to set the basis of open and honest communication with her, we became comfortable and accepted her as part of our birth journey. The association was based on us being supported for what we needed through discussion, rather than simply being told what to do.
Amanda was very professional and a great support pre, during and post the birth. She added to our knowledge and range of options and actively helped the team i.e. the hospital midwives, doctors and us in the delivery of our baby. She was well considered, understanding, available and worked well with us keeping our preferences and interest in mind. There are lots of things to consider (and do) during this process that all converge in short periods of time, some completely unexpected, and having Amanda around helped us successfully navigate this and now we have a wonderful healthy baby.
I engaged Amanda fairly late in my pregnancy as I wasn’t sure about what having a doula would mean including how it would be having essentially a stranger at the birth of my child and how my family would feel. As it turned out, I needn’t have worried and am glad I took the leap!
Amanda’s diplomatic, proactive, matter of fact and confident manner and her generous warmth assured me that I was in good hands and that she would be a capable advocate for my birthing wishes.
As a first time Mum going through a protracted pregnancy and labour, I found Amanda to be a strong and invaluable source of moral and practical support. Her partnership was also helpful to my own partner and family. Having a strong woman who is knowledgeable in pregnancy and birth as well as the hospital system is not an easy ask and in performing that role, Amanda allowed my family to be present and support me in their specific ways. I remain grateful to Amanda and the birth experience I had.
 Last pregnancy photo pre-labour. Big belly shot!
 happy birth and postpartum doula clients, induction
It is said that what’s meant for you won’t pass you by, and this certainly was the case for my first chance meeting with Amanda. We happened to bump into each other and clicked instantly. Having completed the She Births course I was aware of the Doula option and their role, but it wasn’t until my husband and I had a coffee with Amanda that we understood the full package a Doula has to offer. Amanda’s approach of tailoring her Doula training to suit our wishes was one of the main reasons we chose to have her on our journey.
Following our initial catch up we had two much longer meetings with Amanda where she discussed in detail the choices we could make for our birth plan and explained various approaches utilising her doula training and her own experiences as a mother of two. We learnt to have an open mind when it came to our birth plan and that events can change course along the journey. Amanda provided information on all aspects of delivery including pain relief options, what to bring to the delivery, breathing, and massage techniques to name a few.
I was induced on our due date and unfortunately our baby girl was posterior right up to 3 hours before birth, at this point I had been through 11 hours of active labour, was fatiguing and really wanted to have a vaginal delivery. Amanda used acupressure points and homeopathy techniques to help turn the baby into the correct position and she came out face down! It was amazing and a great relief to me and my husband.
My husband also found Amanda to be a great support during the labour.
Something we didn’t think of or expect to capture was the special moments leading up to the delivery, Amanda filmed and photographed this beautifully, (whilst respecting our privacy) and has enabled us to relive it time and time again.
Following the birth of our daughter we caught up with Amanda and debriefed the delivery, we could ask any questions we had to ‘fill in the gaps’ and discuss the unique journey we went on together. She then went on to provide post labour information for new parents, expectations and daily cycle of babies.
If you are thinking of having a Doula I would highly recommend speaking to Amanda, she will be upfront and honest with you about her services and experiences. Thanks Amanda for all your help and support.
— Mary & Tomas, birth doula package clients
Having Amanda by my side during birthing was an absolute godsend!! After my first birth experience I was disappointed by the support I received, that’s why I wanted a Doula the second time round. Amanda was so helpful throughout the pregnancy and helped me to understand so many things about birth that I was never told. During birthing Amanda was the perfect birth partner. She constantly knew what I wanted or needed before I even had to say it. Having her there made my experience 100% better than my first time and I can not recommend her enough.
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 Birth doula client with newborn baby sydney doula services, postpartum care too
As a first time and solo mum, and with my immediate family living outside of Sydney, I was interested in engaging the services of a Doula. Being a “planner”, I was keen to have a support person in place just in case I went into labour early or at a time when it was not possible for my family to be there. I was also unsure at that stage as to whether I wanted my Mum to shoulder the responsibility of being my only birth support person. From our initial meeting, I knew that Amanda would be that support person and so much more. Her strength, positive nurturing energy and knowledge was invaluable to me during my pregnancy, in labour and postpartum.
She provided me with the necessary skills and information to navigate the very difficult world of hospital prenatal care. With her support I was able make informed decisions about how I would like to birth my baby and prepare my birth preferences, and with this support I was able to also adapt my plan later in my pregnancy (due to an induction recommendation) without distress or regret.
Amanda provided me with the highest possible care and I was able to put my full trust in her and therefore myself to get the best birthing outcome for my baby and me. Amanda’s compassion, kindness, knowledge and professionalism is truly amazing. I cannot recommend her highly enough.
 Happy baby postpartum doula service
Amanda helped us as a postpartum Doula. She is very organised and knowledgeable, and extremely resourceful in the kitchen, making a fresh and nutritious meal for us out of whatever she could find in ours. As hubby was at work, Amanda supported me and looked after our baby while I managed a 2 hour nap!
I love my monthly Ka Huna massage with Amanda, it’s like no other massage I’ve had before and relaxes my whole body at one time. As a Beauty Therapist it’s nice to be the one that’s pampered. Amanda supported my fundraising efforts for Liptember, creating awareness around mental health. My regular Ka Huna massages’s definitely help keep me sane. I feel connected, safe and supported and I can’t wait for her to one day be my Doula.
 Happy Ka Huna massage client
 Gorgeous pregnancy pilates client and Ha Huna massage receiver!
I found Pilates a great low impact fitness option during pregnancy to help me maintain stability, strength and balance. Amanda adapted the class accordingly and made sure that I focused on exercises that were going to help me specifically during pregnancy and birth. This definitely helped me avoid common pregnancy ailments, assisted me in having a natural uncomplicated delivery as well as a quick recovery. Pilates coupled with Amanda’s Ka Huna massage helped me stay fit, focussed and relaxed through my pregnancy.
I love heading to Amanda’s weekly postnatal pilates classes. As a busy mum and business owner it’s one of the rare times I get to focus on me. Amanda’s manner is gentle but really effective - she has such a precision focus on what my body is, or isn’t, doing right. I’d recommend this class for anyone wanting to recalibrate, strengthen their body, pre or post baby, or just to have a nice hour of focusing on what their own body needs.
 Regular group Pilates class client - for mums, postnatal recovery, pregnancy pilates