"Not-Tella" - my sweet healthy treat recipe

So recently I was craving something really sweet.  Rather than binging on cooking chocolate, ice cream or whatever else I could find in the house, I decided to make my own delicious treat.

I’ve often made bliss balls but didn’t feel like going through all the work that it usually required to roll each one etc… and so I made my own homemade version of crunchy Nutella.  And it is AMAZING!  I was going to keep this recipe as an exclusive for my doula clients (as dates are a wonderful thing to have in the lead up to birth and during labour), but it is simply just too good – and I HAD to share it with you.

It’s loaded with good fats and protein, is vegan, dairy free and gluten free.  Unless you serve it on regular toast… I recommend substituting for a gluten free bread or similar… but honestly, you might be happy with the spoon!

So here goes...

Amanda’s Homemade Crunchy Not-Tella Treat

200g raw insecticide free almonds
60g desiccated coconut
240g organic medjool dates (pit removed and washed)
50g raw organic cacao powder
250g extra virgin organic coconut oil
Optional: raw cacao nibs
Optional: vegan protein powder (ideally chocolate flavour)
Optional: linseed (blitz down first - it's high in omega 3)

You’ll need a thermomix, blender or other powerful mixing tool.
First add the almonds, then blitz it down to be almond meal.  Set aside.
Add the desiccated coconut, blitz down and set aside with the almond meal (the same bowl is fine). Optional to blitz down the linseed here too.
Put the dates into your blender and blitz down.  If they aren’t especially fresh, you may wish to add some water to this process.  It should not be too wet – but if it is, you can adjust later by adding less coconut oil.
Add the raw cacao (or you could substitute with carob powder) - optional add vegan protein powder here too - and 150g of the coconut oil. Blitz down.  Option to add the raw cacao nibs (for extra crunch). Add the almond meal and desiccated coconut.  Blitz through.  Continue to up the remaining 100g of coconut oil until you have achieved the desired consistency – ie you want to be able to spoon it out and spread it on toast (or not!).
Store it in the fridge (if there’s any left!).

Note: in the fridge, it will solidify and be harder to spread.  You may need to let it sit and rest at room temperature before serving.

Other adaptations:
1: Bliss Balls: To convert this to my bliss ball recipe, don’t add anywhere near as much coconut oil.  80-100g would be max.  Thicken it further with more desiccated coconut until it’s a good consistency, then roll into balls and coat with more desiccated coconut.
2: Apricot Yogurt: For a different flavour, you could replace the dates with dried apricots, and the raw cacao with a vegan vanilla flavoured protein powder. (I like the Prana brand.)

Amanda x


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