A Newborn Photography Experience

Hi there, thanks for checking out this blog post.  It's a personal one for me as I truly believe life is too short to not enjoy and life fully.  A big part of that is taking photos so we can enjoy the memories we create.

When we had our first child, I couldn't wait to have some special photos taken to remember the experience of having a baby, and to ensure I could remember our son when he was just born.  We hired a photographer that a friend recommended, to take beautiful pictures for us that are still on our walls at home (now over six years later).  And we hired a photographer again after our second child was born to help capture this special time with a new family of four.  These photos are also on our walls at home, and having these times captures are very beautiful memories for us.  I still proudly show people who visit our home the photos of my family in my children's early days, and even photos of me pregnant too.  

This blog post below is courtesy of Daniella Photography.  They take beautiful, natural style photos to help you capture some of life's most intimate memories and experiences.  With Daniella, a photo isn't just a photo, it's an expression of yourself and a time in your life that deserves to be remembered.  As always, feel free to share or comment (and read to the end for an exclusive special offer).  Thanks, Amanda xx

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A Newborn Photography Experience with Daniella Stein Photography

The first 6 months of a babies life fly by so fast and are over in a flash. A Newborn Photography experience with Daniella Stein Photography is about providing new parents a time to reflect on the pregnancy and to take time think about what they love most about their baby. We capture these most meaningful unique details and create custom wall art for our clients to hang in their homes so that they can be transported back to this time in their lives forever. 

The Daniella Stein Photography Experience is about story telling through relaxed and honest photography. We value giving you the opportunity to stop and enjoy the moment, to breath in your babies smell, and admire their tiny features. As a mum of two gorgeous boys under 3 I know how hard it is in those first days to lift the fog of too little sleep and preserve the most precious moments. That is why so many people trust us to capture these timeless moments.

Newborn Photography is about so much more than just a photo, it is about leaving a legacy for your baby. It is about creating something timeless. Our photographic wall art and signature album allow you to display somethings in your home that says “I love you”, “you are important”, “we are so proud of you” every single day. It instils confidence and love in your children and is the best gift that you can give to your family as it is forever.

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Our three-step process starts with discovery and reflection. We begin with a discussion through a series of phone calls where we provide you the opportunity, in today’s busy world to slow down and appreciate the everyday moments that mean the most to you, be them big or small. We uncover what you’d love to celebrate so that we can make sure we capture your family perfectly through your eyes.

The second step is the photoshoot, it is here we celebrate you and your loved ones by crafting the perfect portrait session around YOUR story. This session is all about capturing relationships in all of their honesty, beauty and soul. From the tiniest of details to the softest of cuddles. We make sure to let each of your individual personalities shine through.

The Design Consultation is the third step in our experience, and often the most exciting and intimate stage of the journey. In the comfort of your home we unveil and share with you through a cinematic presentation, your photographs. This can be an emotional experience so get ready open your heart, feel the love, the butterflies and the magic that is your family’s story.

The last stage is hanging your heirloom wall art in your home. This is where the journey will continue in your home everyday for the rest of your lives. The day you hang the wall art in your home it has its least value. The images are so much more than photographs, they will be a daily reminders of the love you share for each other. As time passes, the artwork will be there to transport you back to the feelings you have right now.

If you would like to find out more about a Family or Newborn Photography Experience with Daniella Stein Photography click here: www.daniellaphotography.com.au or call Daniella on 0433881616.

All Essential Me clients receive $250 towards a pregnancy or newborn photography experience with Daniella Photography.  Simply mention Amanda the Doula or this blog post.




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